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In aphorism, proverb on 20081030 at 18:16

A truth cannot be identified by a culture, an era, an event; a truth cannot be changed by circumstance or influence.

Money can buy what sweat does not earn, and so it is that what sweat earns, no money can buy.


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The assassin creates a martyr where before stood merely a mortal.

War in the name of peace is to starve in the the name of nutrition.

Defense that strikes offense has reunited with lost kin.

《until the night》
Where by day Johnny went, where by day Johnny trusted;
always once or more, be it twice or even thrice.
Until the day was done, the night had barely come
and Johnny trusted not ’til morn.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081026 at 19:03

What is meant for the eyes may not be born of words.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081023 at 19:04

Water’s only defense against the cold is stillness.


In poetry, rumination on 20081021 at 19:04

《paving the way》
The highways are deserts for trees;
the signs are wizards of safety;
the people are zombies of purpose.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081018 at 19:07

The more you do, the more you can do.

Where a party makes propaganda, a people makes protest.

What history manipulates, the future beholds.


In rumination on 20081016 at 19:14

Some writings can be edited, others must be rewritten.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081015 at 19:25

Stars were meant to fall.

Don’t let a conversation stopper stop the thinking.

Each must play his own cards.

Remaining at a dead end is not commitment, it is stupidity.

A fool is afraid of the water’s surface, fearing its depth.

The fool learn not to swim for fear of drowning.

A water’s depth is not given away by its surface.

Who walks not the talk, is as if to look aside – quick to trip and sure to fall.


In aphorism, proverb, rumination on 20081013 at 19:29

Having standards and having compassion are not mutually exclusive.

We do not lose our way by walking another path; we lose our way by stepping off the path of our choice.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081011 at 19:43

Dig deeply to get a bit of dirt on another and get even more dirt on yourself.

What is not forgiven is for suffering.

Who does not forgive is given to suffering.