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One kind of fool eats a green apple today, unwilling to wait for the ripened tomorrow; another kind of fool waits for the ripened apple tomorrow, but goes hungry today.

《the light》
And the light of the midday
sun shone so brightly that even
the smallest shadow sought shelter
and was nowhere to be found.


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The fool journeys only because he is not there; the wise, because he is there.


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A feast finds friends, but a famine finds foes.

The fearful act in a panic and credit prudence.

Mastery, not before understanding.


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Rather than say “I have no patience”, it is more truthful to say “I need patience”.

Society punishes, instead of helping, those in need.


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A shooting star does so alone.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081114 at 16:26

Freedom exists for one only if for all.

Freedom exists through governing the self, never by restricting another.

The fool see not the truth until it is wrapped in verse or unraveled by code.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081109 at 16:35

Give diamonds to a butcher, and that’s what he’ll do.

What the masses cannot explain is either blamed on or believed in.


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《on fools and fighting》
The fool fight.
The average quarrel.
The intellectual argue.
The wise compromise.


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Short is sweet, but not if incomplete.


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Abortion is not the solution, nor is it the real problem.

With every great conviction, there is a small hypocrisy.

Dough begs to be pulled and stretched into open spaces, not pushed and forced into closed corners.