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In aphorism, proverb on 20090417 at 09:31

Like the successful business, a successful military seeks to expand its presence, infiltrate the people, overtake its opposition, and dominate regardless.


In aphorism, poetry, proverb on 20090415 at 09:47

Emotion is a reaction.

Solution is a response.

Prevention is an action.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090414 at 09:52

Living on fear or hope alone is not to live by intuition.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090412 at 09:55

Peace and pensiveness are familiar neighbors.

Reality is what one perceives and, too, conceives.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090411 at 10:31

A string of pearls is but hollow at the core.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090410 at 10:34

A Cadmean victory is forgotten before it is celebrated.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090409 at 10:37

No great carving is complete without a final sanding.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090406 at 10:39

The fool never question,
the lay are afraid to question,
the intellect quick to question,
but the wise expect not an answer.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090401 at 10:43

Love is the patina worn, not the shine forlorn.

The good deed speaks louder than the good word.