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In aphorism on 20090728 at 04:59

Fit is a lifestyle, not a body style.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090727 at 06:31

Happiness is the key to life; ‘lo, it is not the end-all.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090725 at 06:34

Motivation in motion becomes inspiration.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090722 at 06:37

What is pruned at the branches will flourish at its roots.

Where there is not the way, only the will is found.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090721 at 07:18

When our voice is lost to those who listen, our presence is not lost to those who see.

A river is to bar or to guide, depending on whether you cross it or follow it.

The looking glass sees the truth.

Motivation is parasitic; inspiration is symbiotic.

Words transcend the flatness of paper to reach the depths of our minds.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090720 at 16:05

In fear of the truth, the fool cling to faith.


In poetry on 20090719 at 16:12

And so said the serpent to the bull

Walk with me, but keep silent, thee.

We shall be as though one

for with two heads, we make three.


In rumination on 20090719 at 09:34

[on Progress]

Where the way is not lucid, only forward is there to go, for a step backwards, no matter which direction we may face, is against all that speaks of progress. When only the future is to be seen, with a forward step and equal progress, shall we greet it.


In rumination on 20090719 at 07:47

《on fear》

Fear is my foe, my fatal flaw, unforgiveable.

And yet it is my most patient friend, most loyal indeed, never to leave, only to disappear, from view, but ever and always near. It is not oppressive as others may say, nor is it imposing as you might believe. But its mere presence is enough to render rationale undone, to allow the imagination to run free, to see the light as if without capacity to refract itself, from the blinding light into an array of colors soon in sight. Fear is not a being, nor an object. It is is hardly even a state, of which -for lack of better description, and more truly, understanding, I only begin to thus quantify. And it is here, as I write, that I shape what is the thing, so called fear, and more impressively, create the perception of a reality, but one reality, so called fear.


In rumination on 20090719 at 07:31

[Author Artistic]

An author is but an artist, an artist of words, of assembly of those words. An artist is but a realist and all the more a surrealist of this art of words, creating images worn and yet ever woven anew.