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It is not only a fool that is blind to the truth; it may be a wise man fool who is blind to the truth.

Any fool will fall head over heels, and even the strong will be stood up.

Question your beliefs and believe in your questions.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090916 at 06:17

The rule that is broken is the rule that did not bend.

Who follows blindly, follows a fool.

Where emotion reigns, reason cannot rule.

A nag tires of all but complaining.

A nag tires all by tiring of all.

A pigeon pecks where a pigeon stands.

A pigeon doesn’t rock and roll with a fox.

A fool forgiven is still a fool.

A fool forgiven is at least forgiven, but at most a fool.

It is easier to believe than to question.

Who takes the law into his own hands must shoulder the consequence.