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In aphorism, proverb on 20091028 at 13:03

A donkey is an ass, whether or not it brays.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091027 at 11:37

Apologies are cheap; forgiveness is priceless.

A good apple rarely falls from the bad tree, but many a bad apple can fall from the good tree.

Who rocks the boat is thrown overboard (and had better know how to swim).

There are more than two sides to any coin.

Dust settles where a shadow falls.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091026 at 12:57

Eat today but for tomorrow, never a day more.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091023 at 11:51

For a writer, the power to beckon comes not from the blank paper, but from the busy mind.

Tis quicker to punish, rather than to help, the criminal.

Tis easier to deliver judgment than understanding.

A crime committed is a hurt expressed.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091022 at 02:07

What prose cannot clarify, is for poetry to mystify.

A legend is known for the life lived; a fool for his death served.

Truths are never wasted on fools.

Who dons a badge submits to a title.

Who fears the enemy, fears himself.

Who uses fear to make an enemy, fears also to face himself.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091021 at 23:35

Who has energy for anger has not energy for action.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091020 at 22:12

The hand that holds a stone for throwing, knows not of receiving.

How delicate the little child, standing next to the adult – and yet, none is braver.

The breath of blasphemy asphyxiates only the weak who lack.

Tall grass is meant for watching; cut grass, for walking.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091019 at 16:41

A fool is preoccupied with salvaging his own honor; the wise, only with giving honor to others.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091018 at 16:40

All the effort in the world may be a momentum made in vain, if without the least of traction.


In aphorism, proverb on 20091017 at 16:37

A coward feigns friendship with a foe.