Jessica Bibbee


In aphorism on 20140104 at 12:32

《on the immortality of existentialism》
Who does not give up knows that surrender is worse than defeat, for it is in the struggle, particularly in the fight against the most impossible, that at the very least, one’s greatest fear is defeated. It is in defeating the most existential fear that the purpose to continue is found, if not for having found that purpose to persist, simply within ourselves. Who so gives up so resigns the self to defeat of the self by the self, regardless of what external powers, great or small, threaten. When that which threatens subsides -and it will- the self is again -as always- alone to reconcile with itself, its actions which shape its being. For it is always a battle of the self against the rest of the universe, and that one should have the audacity to not just exist, but more so persist in the face of all odds, is in itself an act of courage that is but the essence of immortality.

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