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In aphorism, question, rumination on 20150525 at 23:55

Which is rarer, the jewel in the rough or the eye that sees it? 

Precious is the jewel that has been discovered, unlike objects of abundance, for its worth is, if only in that it is valued.

A blanket of stars is ne’er for sale, ne’er for purchase, only for beholding or forsaking.

If humility is apt to follow certainty, perchance enlightenment stands to follow uncertainty. 

The future is often more than we could hope for, if not what we expect. 


In aphorism on 20150524 at 19:49

What ages, but does not change, is fixed, is petrified. What changes, but does not age, is fluid, is present.


In aphorism on 20150520 at 23:55

Deadlines are my lifeline. 


In aphorism, poetry on 20150517 at 23:21
The peaceful road is a lonesome road, and the lonesome road is a peaceful road. 

In the desert, a drought is, until the first drop of rain. 


In aphorism on 20150510 at 23:21

Rejection is the begrudged grievance of today, the blessed gift of yesterday.