Jessica Bibbee

of clouds and clarity

Aphorisms, reflections, & truths.

‘Cloud Clear’ is my christened Chinese name: 云清, given to me by a friend and his mother during a visit to their home in the southern province of Jiangxi, China, in the winter of 2001. The name was divined after 3 hours of in-person interview and offline research and consulting of an aged I Ching; it speaks of philosophical heights and clarity on life.

My first aphorisms were written during a very introspective couple of weeks while vagabonding in Boulder, CO, during the summer of 1996. It was then that I found depth in the blankness of paper, and even now, I carry a small stitched notebook with me, always and everywhere. When words flow, ink surrenders to the pen…

An aphorism is simple and yet profound. Though I am moved to write when reflecting on [my own] life, I find that everyone can relate to a proverb. I hope it is a much more interesting, if generic, way of accounting for the lessons I am learning along the way. Rather than share the gore of never-would-be lore, I style my daily gleanings with a love for linguistics and aphoristic presentation.

I will be back-blogging and breaking all breeds of blogging rules and raising much mayhem and blogging bedlam, for my files are filled with oodles of aphorisms! Comments, complements, compliments, constructive criticism, coos and boos, too… cordially encouraged!

Jessica Bibbee

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  1. Amazing, finding someone who is using the template I also picked to use and who likes aphorisms 🙂

  2. ha… with more than 70K people using this template, that is a bit of a coincidence. Cheers!

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