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In aphorism, proverb on 20150815 at 23:55

A bat will never see the light.

The fool has much desire to speak and offers little to say.

Until we make efforts for peace, we will make excuses for war. 

The fool argue sides, the wise argue issues.

Who explains without end has yet begun to understand. 

Who points a finger in blame has nary another point to offer. 


In aphorism, proverb on 20101030 at 23:54

A pointed finger never points to peace.


In aphorism, proverb on 20090623 at 02:05

The meaning of marriage is but an thing easy to forget, with a ring but a string tied to our finger.


In aphorism, proverb on 20081213 at 15:41

‘Tis easier to point a finger than offer a hand.

Embrace an action for its own sake, not for the justification of its sake.