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In aphorism, proverb on 20091228 at 15:55

The feeling not felt is repressed.


In aphorism, poetry, proverb on 20091206 at 17:16

A cake in the oven follows its own time.

We may best understand who we are, simply by knowing who we are not.

《the rose》
The rose from a stranger distant is forgotten.
The rose from a lover near is held dear.
The rose from an admirer unnamed is held forever.


In aphorism, idiom on 20091205 at 19:23

The tree that will not root will not stand.


In aphorism, poetry, proverb on 20091202 at 15:31

As mighty is the sun,
as brightly she shines,
it takes but one cloud
to chase her rays away.


In aphorism, idiom on 20091201 at 09:40

Not only in times of despair must we have hope, but also in times of progress must we resist regression.

A teacher is first and always a student, only then a teacher.

Who looks inwardly hasn’t the time to point outwardly.

Avenging breeds only revenge.